Cloud Services

South Bay coders help organizations achieve greater operational agility, scale-ability tighter integration of components across the enterprise, and better IT governance in a Cloud Infrastructure. We help define, deploy and leverage simplified, automated cloud management systems across multiple platforms and providers with a sound steady state management strategy for their cloud ecosystems.


There are four main types of cloud systems currently available. These include; 1. Public cloud services, 2. Hosted private clouds, 3. Community clouds, 4. On-premises private clouds. The type of cloud that is best for your organization is based upon your workload, dependencies and security requirements. Cloud services give you cost effective access to robust on-demand IT resources and applications via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. SBC can tailor a cloud solution that is a perfect fit for your organization’s needs and future growth.

Cloud & Microservices Security

As organizations rapidly adopt microservice’s architecture to create a foundation for continuous innovation and agility, they fear exposing valuable information that their microservices process. By 2020, Gartner predicts 60% of digital businesses will suffer major service failures due to the inability of their IT security teams to manage risks. The frameworks, protocols, and technologies that have evolved over the years to solve security problems are multiple, complex and frequently difficult to understand. Choosing the right ones, applying / combining them appropriately, and leveraging them successfully will not be an easy task.


The problem is that microservice architecture has many moving parts which multiply the number of required security checkpoints and the strength of that security. SBC has an established “CIA” strategy for your microservice architecture which ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information. We will apply a unified set of security principles that ease how you design and implement microservices and cloud solutions that are secure at scale.

Data Migrations Service to Cloud


Managing a data center has never been an easy task. But in today’s world of shrinking IT departments, strained budgets, advances in IT hardware and outsourcing of workloads to the cloud and colocation providers, your job has become much more complex. This complexity creates many challenges which IT and data center managers must resolve quickly and cost-effectively. The need for cost reduction and the desire for increased operational efficiency have a constant impact on an organization’s IT resources. Enterprises are continuously looking for better ways to manage infrastructure, systems and applications. This search often leads to the execution of projects where large numbers of workloads are moved from one platform or data center to another, or, to the cloud. While the workloads of these projects can number as few as a couple hundred, in many cases they reach into the tens of thousands.

A successful workload migration project can reap immediate rewards. By enabling a hybrid data center model, IT leaders and financial directors can realize greater agility, security and reliability, not to mention reduced capital expenditures (CAPEX) and/or operational expenditures (OPEX), along with the ability to quickly scale.

Recent surveys indicate that Senior Executives are beginning to take notice of these potential benefits. The Uptime Institute recently reported that about half of the Senior Executives surveyed have said that in the future, they expect the majority of their IT workload to reside off-premises in the cloud or colocation site. Approximately 70% of those respondents expect that shift to happen by 2020.

Cloud Analysis & Reporting


Business intelligence involves analyzing data to gain insight that you can act on or gather information to meet specific requirements. Many users place their data, applications and workloads into the cloud with very little insight as to how resources are being leveraged and what type of resources are being utilized. SBC will continuously monitor and analyze your cloud instances to ensure that you have data and services at the right place at the right time. We will minimize misuse by protecting applications and user experiences.