Technology Consulting

South Bay coders can help you transform your IT Ecosystem to become more efficient, manageable, and responsive to you ever changing business needs. There’s no doubt that cloud has been one of the most disruptive forces in recent years and many have rushed to embrace cloud’s attributes.

With our broad portfolio of solutions, we can help you make the right decisions by connecting you with smarter ways of doing business.

Storage Solutions

Get the tools that turn data storage environments into automated SLA-driven business centers. Explore analytic, performance and configuration solutions that save time, eliminate tedious tasks and empower self-service delivery. The storage solutions we architect and implement are designed to meet and exceed the most mission-critical applications and environments. Big Data & Analytics have come to the forefront as our customers begin to leverage content in new and different ways. We can help you capitalize on this journey. These new applications and technologies will continue to generate more information faster and, in turn, create a storage growth explosion. We create storage solutions that help you manage these situations.

Cloud Solutions Architecture

To embrace the cloud as part of an evolving data storage strategy, you need a cloud storage architecture that drives business flexibility, optimizes costs, lowers risks and scales on demand. Use our expertise to understand how cloud technologies will impact your business, assess your environment for cloud readiness, determine which workloads to move to the cloud, reduce storage complexity and simplify data management for private, public, and hybrid cloud systems.


System Design


Mobile, cloud, software-defined storage and flash storage technologies are transforming IT. To fully embrace these emerging technologies while protecting your key asset (your data), you need the right foundation on which to evolve your IT infrastructure. We will assist you in translating business goals into a data management strategy and provide actionable recommendations to transform your IT based on in-depth analysis of your current environment, organization, and processes. We will then design a future-ready data management architecture and optimize your server, network and storage environments for maximum efficiency and performance.

System Integration

Get the expertise you need to successfully transform IT to meet your evolving business requirements. We take a holistic approach to delivering the outcomes you want. We help you address business challenges, solidify your data management strategy, evolve your IT infrastructure, achieve operational excellence across the IT lifecycle and enable seamless data management.


Data Management


Bottlenecks in your IT workflows can stunt business growth, stifle innovation, and bog down operations. Let SBC help you streamline your data management processes to improve analytics, enhance scalability and increase application performance and responsiveness.